Cape Cod Private Investigators

Dedicated to providing you with the most professional, talented, and experienced private investigators in the Cape Cod area for over twenty-five years.

Welcome to Cape Cod Private Investigators, we are a fully licensed and dedicated PI company in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We have over 20 years of experience with private investigation in Massachusetts making us the most qualified agency for the job. We feature the latest and the most recently updated technology to aid us in our investigation. Cape Cod Private Investigators can guarantee you that everything we do for you will be kept confidential. Our PI company takes pride in making sure the job is done exactly as you specify to us without anyone ever knowing we were there or that you even hired us. Call 877-231-7625 to talk with one of our fully trained Massachusetts private investigator today!

Hiring a PI can help you answer questions that would normally go unanswered. Our fully trained private investigation team in Massachusetts specializes in answering questions. Not only that but our entire PI company is dedicated to helping you figure out things in your life that no one else would be able to. Not even our rival private investigation agencies in Massachusetts have the resources to top our quality service. We can help you find and become reunited by a long lost relative within a day because of the superior technology and tracking skills our private investigators have. The more information you give a private investigator in our agency, the more information he is going to give you. Our PI agency in Cape Cod, Massachusetts not only specializes in finding people. Check out some of Cape Cod, Massachusetts Private Investigators most frequent questions we answer…

  • Where does my son really go when he leaves the house?
  • Is my spouse cheating on me?
  • Where is my long lost relative?
  • Who am I really hiring?
  • Does my neighbor have a criminal record I should know about?

Cape Cod Private Investigators is available to do private investigation anywhere in Massachusetts although we specialize in private investigation for the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area. Any town, county, or city in Massachusetts is open for a private investigator from out private investigation company. Our team of private investigators will work hard to discover the truth behind any situation. Call 877-231-7625 for a Massachusetts private investigator to visit and make sure to help you with any situation.

With many employed private investigators in Cape Cod, Massachusetts ranging from retired cops to federal agents we are sure to have a private investigator in Massachusetts who will get the job done. Our private investigation staff is fully committed to you and will not leave any case untouched. With a wide range of services and the latest technology we are the most skilled PI company in the Massachusetts bay area. Our private investigation services range from computer forensics to fully trained security personnel and systems because of the wide range of skills each private investigator has. Our Private Investigators in offer almost an unlimited amount of specialized services. We promise to give you nothing but quality and care when providing you with one of our Massachusetts private investigators. Here are just a few of the many PI services we offer at Cape Cod Private Investigators.

  • Basic Home and Work Surveillance 
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Bug Sweeps/ Bug Detection
  • Computer Forensics
  • Infidelity Investigations/Cheating Spouse
  • Missing Person/Person Location Services
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Background Checks/Employee Screening
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Child Support Assistance
  • Constable Services
  • Fugitive Recovery Services
  • Workers Compensation
  • Insurance Fraud Detection/Assistance
  • Asset Searches
  • Business and Personal Loss Prevention
  • Abuse and Discrimination Claims
  • Personal Security/Body Guards
  • Embezzlement Assistance
  • Copyright Infringement Assistance
  • Transportation Protection
  • Many More!

Our PI company has many resources to answer questions but we have private investigators in Cape Cod, Massachusetts who will help you with any sticky situation you may be getting yourself into. We provide body guards and personal security agents for any situation. Whether you are traveling to a harsh place or you feel threatened call our PI bodyguards to help you feel comfortable again. Our security agents can protect you or a place that could be threatened and are even trained to do investigations if needed. We promise our Cape Cod, Massachusetts private investigators are fully trained and have years of experience to be the most reliable PI body guards out there. They use the latest and most advanced technology to protect you or your assets from any threat. Our private investigators will never let you down and you can expect the best results from our professional security systems.

If hiring a private investigator is in your interest call 877-231-7625 to have us put on an investigation for you. A quality Massachusetts private investigator can give you peace of mind and that is what we aim to do. We take pride in never giving up until you are completely satisfied with your private investigators results. Our PI company is sure to be able to help you in some way and if something is bugging you give a private investigator from our company a call. We will put on an investigation immediately and we won’t stop until you are satisfied.